Honoring Christ by Sharing our Testimonies

I will tell of your name to my brothers; 
in the midst of the congregation I will praise you.Psalm 22:22

What is a Testimony?

A testimony is simply honoring the Lord by bearing witness to others about His work in your own life.

Examples of Testimonies in Scripture

The Lord commends sharing testimonies throughout His Word, particularly in the Psalms. We continually read of the Psalmist promising to tell of the greatness of the Lord “in the midst of the congregation.” Often, he asks the Lord to deliver him so that he can testify of God’s salvation. So many of the psalms exemplify this, but here are just a few examples: Psalm 22:22-24; 30; 32; 34; 71:14-24.

In the New Testament, the Gospels and the Book of Acts provide us with a number of examples of men and women who testify about what Jesus has done for them. (John 4:28-30; 9:8-25; Acts 4:13-22, Acts 22:1-21, etc.) The saints in Revelation 12:10-11 are said to have overcome Satan “by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” Whatever the exact nature of this testimony, we know they were publicly identifying with Jesus Christ despite the opposition of Satan.

A principle emerges across the pages of Scripture: one of God’s designs in saving us is that we will in turn honor him by sharing our testimony with others.

The Value of Testimonies in the Church

Why should we regularly set aside time to share and hear testimonies? What is the value of these testimonies alongside the ongoing preaching in the church?

Testimonies make Gospel truth take on flesh and blood. It is one thing to hear a sermon on God’s grace; it is quite another to hear a brother or sister speak personally of his or her experience of God’s grace. Testimonies invigorate and excite us as we are reminded that God is alive and at work in our midst.

The one giving testimony is obeying the Lord by “telling out his greatness in the midst of the congregation.” His soul also receives the benefit of reflecting slowly and intentionally on God’s hand of grace on his life from his earliest days until now.

The believers hearing the testimony are obeying the Lord by allowing their brother to testify to the Lord’s grace and goodness. They are serving their brother or sister by patiently and attentively listening and offering encouragement. These listeners are in turn stirred to praise the Lord for his work in the life of the speaker, and are moved to reflect on God’s work in their own lives.

The sharing of testimonies serves to bind the church together, as we open up our lives to one another rather than keeping one another at a distance.

An unbeliever hearing a testimony is pointed to Jesus as the living Savior of sinners.