IT PAYS – Pastor Isreal Abam
Mark 16:15-18
We often look for a reward for our endeavours, and it’s a natural expectation. Indeed all  that we do for God is rewarded. Hebrews 6:10. God does not forget our labour of love.Our act of soul winning is considered an act of labour to be rewarded. And God never fails to deliver on His promises. Ezekiel 3. We have a responsibility to ensure souls do not perish as we will give account on the day of reckoning.
God’s promise and reward for those who win souls is DELIVERANCE.
a) Deliverance to those who share His gospel. Let’s remember Paul who had been bitten by a viper after coming through a terrible storm yet no harm came to him, he was delivered because of God’s promise to stand by those who spread His gospel.
b) Deliverance from guilt. We are to evangelise, preach his gospel in obedience to His command. Now some will give their lives and some won’t. Be assured that because you have obeyed the command you are delivered from being responsible for  blood of any soul that is lost. When we do not act we will be held responsible for the perished souls of those who we have not cared enough or warned about the wrath of God.
c) Soul winners are saviours and rulers over the affairs of life, over satan, all its host and everything that rises against us Obadiah 1:21.. We have power and its available if only we will just step out, if we just care about the next unsaved soul. This is our reward.
d) Jesus died for our salvation. He was rewarded for it, He is highly exalted Isaiah 53:10-12. If we belong to the generation of them that seek God, win souls for God and seek His face, He will prolong our lives. Soul winners are promised long life, prosperity, God’s pleasure, a life of results, utter satisfaction. Life of greatness perpetuated in his name, life of power settled in Gods name. Apostle Paul testifies of this in Phillipians 2:5-11.
If you win souls, if  you do the work of an evangelist –
I) You will cast out demons if you win souls (if you don’t the devil will cast you out😀)
2) You will speak in new tongues given supernaturally for every situation
3) You will enjoy safety from any attack by serpents.
4) You will function in the healing grace.
5) You will win an incorruptible crown, a crown of righteousness.