Women of Destiny


  • To provide a veritable forum for the women of the Church for the purposes of effective pastoral care, spiritual development and mentoring.
  • To establish a functional network among the women of the Church for the purposes of assisting each other for growth and personal advancement.
  • To create a strong pull of resources among the women for the purposes of making an appreciable impact on the activities of the Church with a view to enhancing the growth of the Church.


Creating an avenue for the emergence of the total woman within the Church.

To achieve the above the Women of Destiny do:

  • Organize regular meetings to teach, and discuss on matters peculiar to the spiritual growth of the woman.
  • Organize smaller groups for the purposes of care and mentoring by the older and more experienced women of the younger woman.
  • Hold workshops and seminars for the purposes of empowering the women.
  • Organize in conjunction with the Church, the annual Convention for the Women of the Church.
  • In liaison with the Church handle aspects of the Ministry that bears directly on the aspects of Women and children.
  • Do other things as the Lord may direct from time to time for visible and lasting impact within the City or the Territory.